This website is a collaborative initiative of basic scientists, doctors and producers in the field of tumormarkers. On this website the members of the EGTM try to provide information for both patients and professionals on the interpretation of the laboratory results on tumormarkers.  
We try to achieve this goal by providing compact guidelines for professionals and additional explanatory texts that can be used by patients to discuss with their doctors.
On the other hand doctors may find these guidelines on tumormarkers also usefull to explain to their patients how and why they use tumormarkers in some conditions but not in other.


The European Group on Tumor Markers (EGTM) is an ad hoc group of European-based clinical (bio)chemists, pathologists, physicians, surgeons and scientists from the diagnostics industry with an interest in tumor markers.

Amongst its main aims are:

  • Publication of guidelines for the clinical application of tumor markers,
  • Education of healthcare professional on the optimum uses of tumor markers and
  • Organization of educational courses on the uses of tumor markers

Board Members

prof.dr R. Klapdor, Honorary Chairman
dr Rafael Molina , Chairman
dr Josep Marie Auge, Secretary
dr M. Nap, Treasurer (Vacancy)
dr G. Sölétormos, Member
prof. V. Barak, Member
prof Dr Joe Duffy, Member


European scientists from both hospital or university laboratories and from companies involved in the development of tumour marker tests, have been working together for several years in an informal group originating from the "Hamburg Symposia".

EGTM Publications: 2003-2018


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