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A male patient, 57 years of age has obtained a serum CEA value of 5,8.

Additional_info = Smoking (2-3 cigarretes per day), esofagic funtional disorders,HTA Medication = Enalapril/hidroclorotizacida

Question = Is it important to continue to study the elevation of CEA maybe with colonoscopy,occult blood stool exam,body TAC?

Thank you very much

Dear Sir,
thank you for putting your question to the website of the EGTM.

I have forwarded your question to two of our experts and below I copy their answers.

expert 1: For this query, if this was myself, I would have the CEA test repeated together with liver function tests. If a similar or higher CEA results is obtained, I would want a colonoscopy.

Of courses, specific benign diseases (eg, liver or lung) might result in a CEA level similar to that found in this patient.

expert 2: Repeat in 3 weeks and ask for creatinin or renal function as well as for liver tests. I f they are abnoramal the result is clear a false positive due to these abnormalities If they are normal, we may repeat them in 3 weeks

If we take these two advices together than this means that there are two aspects. 1 is to rule out the influence of disturbances from the function of your liver or kidney which may result in a false positive CEA value. 2 if the value of your CEA cannot be understood from the effect of liver function or renal function disturbances, a repeated serum CEA measurement is advised in 3 weeks ( again in combination with liver and renal function tests).

If the repeat measurement shows a true increase, at least one of the experts gives the advice to consult your doctor and have additional analysis done to rule out abnormalities in your colon ( large bowel).

I hope this answer was helpfull for you,



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